RECLAMATION: A Passion Project

The newest video project from Looking at the Stars features parolee James Ruston speaking eloquently and philosophically about his experience in the judicial system and his epiphany as a prisoner exposed to world-class musical presentations produced by Looking at the Stars within the prison system.

His very personal narrative, interspersed with full performances of best-in-class classical music presentations is a moving testament to the power of such music to deliver hope and dignity to those who might need it most and expect it least. The entire production was shot on location in Toronto, Ontario.

Technically, the video production features sublime lighting and intimate camera work that draws the viewer into a personal experience with the Looking at the Stars project. We cannot help but feel how exposure to such compelling work can impact those whose liberty, dignity and prospects for the future are compromised by the dehumanizing effect of incarceration.

The passionate commitment of Executive Producer Dmitri Kanovich, Looking at the Stars Founder and CEO, and Director Henry Less, award-winning documentarian, inform every second of this extraordinary video project. The emotional power of this production should drive Looking at the Stars to even greater outcomes in their work going forward.

Stay tuned for the formal release of this amazing production.